The Best of the Eyelet Trend

I’m back with a style edit post and the focus is on the eyelet trend. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I generally like this trend however some items can look very tacky so I decided to have a look online to see what’s out there. This was also a good excuse to just sit down and look through hundreds of items just in case I find something that’s totally unrelated but nice.

As always, I didn’t have the time or the desire to check every single high street retailer’s website but I chose the main brands I usually shop with, such as Zara, Mango, Bershka, H&M, Stradivarius, etc. I would say Zara embraced the trend the best therefore about a half of the items I selected to include here are from them.

Just to mention, the item 2 which is a white lace up skirt from Mango does not have eyelets in it however I still wanted to include it as I thought that side detail was quite nice.


1 Zara 2 Mango 3 Zara 4 Zara

5 Zara 6 Zara 7 Zara 8 H&M

9 Stradivarius 10 New Look 11 Zara 12 New Look


eyelet ann


Silver Accessories


Bracelet – Stradivarius

Watch – Bershka

Necklace – New Look

Bangle – Molly Brown

Ring – Stradivarius

Bracelet – H.Samuel


silver acc edit

Mango Wishlist

I can honestly admit I am waiting for the Christmas sales so in its anticipation I have put up a little wishlist after looking through every single item that is online on Mango website 🙂

Why Mango? I like checking their stuff out from time to time and they also have a pretty cool option of saving the items that I like. The limit is currently at 20 items maximum, I believe, but that is still better than looking through all the items once they go on sale. I can say I don’t really understand why they’re even putting a limit on people’s wishes. Some web storage limitations perhaps.

Anyway, below are the items that I will be following the price drop of. I am not certain if all of them will go on sale as some of them might be from the new collection but I will be waiting patiently.

The items that I have picked up are mostly black and white and grey and otherwise neutral colours mainly which kind of goes against my love for prints but I do appreciate the aesthetics of plain pieces too and I can always use colourful accessories.


First row

Mango Flowy Trench in Mink Grey 71063650 £99.99

Mango Long Trench in Black 71073591 £99.99

Mango Cropped Cotton Jumpsuit in Black 71075612 £49.99

Mango Floral Print Dress in Red 71033629 £69.99

Second row

Mango Open-work Trim Dress in Black 73027018 £39.99

Mango Flowy Pinafore Dress in Black 73029049 £35.99

Mango Long Shirt Dress in Peach 73030016 £59.99

Mango Contrast Trim Shirt in Black 73035563 £29.99

Third row

Mango Tulle Dress in Black 73049037 £25.99

Mango Striped Fitted Dress in Black 73053546 £35.99

Mango Long Blouse in Black 73055587 £59.99

Mango Flecked Jersey Dress in Dark Heather Grey 73093502 £29.99

Fourth row

Mango Double-breasted Jacket in Dark Navy 71080259 £89.99 currently at £59.99

Mango Contrast Trim Sweatshirt in Black 73043644 £29.99