9 Sweatshirts for Autumn

I have always liked sweatshirts but I’ve been particularly excited about them lately. I’ve been wearing them almost everyday by pairing them with midi and maxi skirts or dresses which for me is a perfect way to add some colour to my outfits as well as to stay warm.

I’ve been so excited about sweatshirts that in fact I simply went on every high street brand’s online website that I could think of one evening, typed in ‘sweater’ in the search bar and looked through everything I could find. I happened to like a lot of them so what’s a better way to show them all than to put it in one picture?

Below are my favourite finds that are not particularly very colourful but black and white and grey are still colours, right? 😀



Top to bottom, left to right

River Island Black Sequin Tassel Embellished Sweatshirt


Zara Sweatshirt with Front Graphic


Topshop Unknown Planets Boxy Sweatshirt by Tee & Cake


New Look Black Cosmic Embellished Sweatshirt


H&M Sweatshirt with Sparkly Stones


Bershka Oversized Sweatshirt with Slogan


Bershka Sweatshirt with Pleated Detail


Bershka Cropped Swatshirt with Slogan


Bershka Oversized Sweatshirt with Slogan



OOTD36: Navy Blue and Red

It has been a long time since I posted anything and it’s not because I gave up, I was just away 😀

The outfit I am posting today isn’t new as I had posted in on my instagram however I didn’t have time to put it here as well.

It’s just a simple combination of navy blue which has become one of my favourite colours and red.


Sweater – Zara

Dress – Bershka

Tights – Calzedonia

Shoes – ASOS


Photography by: lily



OOTD35: Embroidery and Print

I am back with another outfit for spring but let’s face it – even though the sun is shining, it’s still way too cold to be wearing only that here in London. All the cheerful florals still need to be buried deep under a coat but oh well, I am quite used to freezing for a bit so that I could take some nice pictures 😀

Here I am wearing a sheer embroidered top from Zara which itself is lovely but a nightmare figuring out what to put underneath. I feel this way about the whole sheer fabrics’ trend because it looks nice but whatever you put or don’t put underneath kind of ruins it. Anyway, I decided to use a simple white body I got years ago from ASOS and whereas I don’t mind it too much if I don’t concentrate on it, I still don’t like the look of the very basic piece underneath an almost designer looking top.

The white body was the best choice I could think of for this outfit so here it is. I paired the embroidered top with a colourful camo print skirt and I’m very happy with the result as it makes me hopeful of warmer days and overall positive about the summer that’s coming up.


Top – Zara

Body – ASOS

Skirt – Monki

Shoes – ASOS


Photography by: lily