The Best of the Eyelet Trend

I’m back with a style edit post and the focus is on the eyelet trend. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I generally like this trend however some items can look very tacky so I decided to have a look online to see what’s out there. This was also a good excuse to just sit down and look through hundreds of items just in case I find something that’s totally unrelated but nice.

As always, I didn’t have the time or the desire to check every single high street retailer’s website but I chose the main brands I usually shop with, such as Zara, Mango, Bershka, H&M, Stradivarius, etc. I would say Zara embraced the trend the best therefore about a half of the items I selected to include here are from them.

Just to mention, the item 2 which is a white lace up skirt from Mango does not have eyelets in it however I still wanted to include it as I thought that side detail was quite nice.


1 Zara 2 Mango 3 Zara 4 Zara

5 Zara 6 Zara 7 Zara 8 H&M

9 Stradivarius 10 New Look 11 Zara 12 New Look


eyelet ann


Accessory of the Week: Mock Croc

It’s a Sunday which to me means one thing – accessories day!

Today I’ve got a navy blue crocodile effect handbag from Mango. I got quite a few navy blue things recently so there is no surprise that I got drawn to this handbag as well.

I really like its colour which can be easily styled with many other colours and I think the texture of it is very nice also. I am strongly against the use of real animal skins for clothing or accessories but a good fake version is just great. I enjoy mixing different textures and patterns so this handbag is perfect for that because I think a textured handbag is usually much more interesting than a plain one 🙂

I am not particularly crazy about the gold chain strap and I would replace it with a silver coating but that’s just a matter of a personal preference 😀


Bag – Mango


A special thanks to my mom for taking the pictures!


OOTD 14: White Velour and Blue Velvet

New Look White Velour Rib Sweatshirt link here

ASOS Blue Floral Velvet Skirt

Urban Outfitters Black Leather Look Leggings

Bershka Black Lace Up Platform Boots link here

Mango Multicoloured Jewel Necklace

Blue handmade bracelet

M&S White Watch

Photography by lily


Today’s outfit is quite simple and not extremely innovative however I do like mixing up different textures together so in here I’ve got velour and velvet. I can’t really tell the difference if you ask me but I am trusting the description on New Look’s website 😀

I have to say I’ve always liked simple sweaters which is a perfect example of sports clothing being accepted as casual wear so I am casually mixing it with a floral skirt and adding a couple of accessories which in the end does not look like sportswear at all.

I like the flowiness of this skirt and it is also very soft. I didn’t really like blue colour too much before but now I’m a big fan of certain shades of it and I think that adding blue accessories or items of clothing to an outfit can really stand out and look very nice.

Oh and excuse my not-so-happy face, I was getting a bit frustrated with something so I am definitely not doing that smiling with my eyes thing here 😀



OOTD10: All White

Warehouse White Embroidery Detail Dress

Primark White Sheer Grid Detail T-Shirt

(Unknown) White Leggings

H&M White Heeled Sandals

Monki White Lace Detail Tights

M&S White Watch

Mango Marble Stud Bracelet

Handmade Cotton Thread Bracelet

Photography by lily