Easter Outfit Inspiration 1

What a lovely weekend it was last week. The weather’s back to normal now but as expected, my desire to wear dresses has grown. Another reason for that is the Easter that’s coming up. It’s this week. This week!

I thought a little about what I would like to be wearing this Easter and the first thing that comes to my mind is dresses of course. But not just any dresses, something light and flowy and preferably long.

I usually turn to Zara when I need clothes for an occasion and it did not disappoint me this time. I found this white embroidered midi dress with balloon sleeves and it just seemed perfect for that. I’ve seen the same style of this dress in different colours in store and I think the grey version of it might also be available online. Zara used to have a navy blue one with red embroidery in their winter sale but I somehow missed it. Anyway, the white version of this dress is my favourite 🙂

I’ve done a second Easter outfit which I’ll be posting later this week, probably on Wednesday!


Dress – Zara

Earrings – Dorothy Perkins


Photography by: lily



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