OOTD27: Ruffle Overload

It’s an unusual Sunday post as I am not doing accessories today. It was a rainy day so I couldn’t go outside to take pictures so I’m posting an outfit of the day which I was supposed to post earlier this week instead. I promise I’ll do two accessories in one post next week 😉 I got some accessories from the ASOS sale so I was quite excited about taking pictures of them but this will have to wait a little.

I’m layering ruffles in this outfit as I still cannot get enough of them 😀 The grey item is in fact a pinafore dress and I love the ruffled straps but I am not that crazy about the dress itself so I just kind of took the best part of it for this outfit and hid the rest. I would say the fit and the shape of the dress looks better in the online pictures because in reality the pockets stick out too much making the shape not very flattering at least on me. Perhaps buying it in a bigger size would help but the waistline would be looser as well.

Anyway, in the past I just used to wear dresses as dresses but now I sometimes wear them as skirts by putting a sweater or a top over it which makes an item more versatile.

By the way, I am wearing two black skirts in this outfit but I don’t think you can see the pleated one underneath which I used to help me create more of a structured skirt look.

Also, I am still in love with my white tights which I was looking for a while in stores and finally found at Lindex on sale.


Blouse – H&M

Pinafore Dress – H&M

Skirt – Primark

Tights – Lindex

Boots – Bershka


Photography by: lily



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