OOTD24: Romantic Ruffles

My love for ruffles seems to be never ending and although I’m not the biggest fan of lace, it seems like it can look very nice when the two are combined. In fact the more ruffles, the happier I am. This top is doing great in terms of that and I love two lines of ruffles going horizontally at the front as well as the ruffled sleeves. It feels like a bit of the old times’ attention to detail brought back to the modern times.

I am also wearing a pink mesh dress underneath and since it’s so see-through, I thought it would be nice to wear something printed to show through like this floral skirt from Oasis 🙂 You can still see the floral design but at the same time it solves the typical sheer dresses’ dilemma 😀

I think this look is very feminine and since I like balancing things out, I’m wearing my hair in a bun and I think the boots add a bit of a grunge feel to it.


Top – Zara

Dress – New Look

Skirt – Oasis

Shoes – Bershka


A special thanks to my mom for taking the pictures!



6 thoughts on “OOTD24: Romantic Ruffles

  1. Yes 🙌 love that dress. I was so close to buying a white ruffle shirt from river island today. Your post makes me want to go out and buy it 😩👌 xx

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