Accessory of the Week: Blue Backpack

I feel like I have been neglecting accessories when doing my outfits of the day so I’ll be trying to do one post every week dedicated solely for that. I believe that accessories can liven up an outfit especially if they’re colourful.

I’ve got a blue Zara backpack today and I think the colour of it is great. I’ve been liking blue for a while now whether it’s worn as an accessory or an all-blue outfit. I think this backpack is versatile in a way that it can be styled with other blue pieces of clothing or accessories or just completely colour blocked for a nice contrasting effect.

The backpack is quite spacious and it’s got a nice metal fastening which closes the bag nicely and securely. It isn’t the most extreme case I’ve come across but you can say that it’s got one of those IQ test type of fastenings if you know what I am talking about. The ones that you really need to figure out how to open and possibly pass around to others so that everyone can try their luck.


Backpack – Zara

Shirt – Oasis

Dress – Oasis

Watch – M&S

Bracelets – handmade


Special thanks to my mom for photography



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