White Accessories

White accessories have been my current obsession for the past few days. I guess the love for it came back when I finally got a watch battery for my white M&S watch that I got years ago. You can see that watch pretty much in every OOTD picture on my blog. It is currently the only watch that’s working even though I’ve got at least another one however I have tried hard to undo the little screws at the back but one of them is stuck so I simply can’t.

Anyway, I think what I like about white accessories is that they go with everything and it’s got this clean aesthetics to it.

I usually have my nails painted in white also. Waaaay back in the day (when I was in secondary school or so) white nail polish wasn’t even considered a colour and girls would only paint the tips for the then-chic French manicure but luckily those days are long gone. I have to admit that I kind of stole the idea from my gay guy colleagues at the time, it looked fabulous on them.

It often happens to me that I think up something I’d like to buy but it isn’t exactly easily available (unless I’m up for dealing with eBay sellers from China (p.s. I never personally bought anything from eBay from China but I am not slating it as I know people who are happy customers)) therefore the items I’ve suggested in this post are for inspiration purposes only.

Clutch – Boohoo

Tights – ASOS

Bangle- Kate Spade

Watch – Diesel

Nail Polish – Barry M

Belt – ASOS



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