OOTD19 : Winter All White

I am back with my outfits of the day. It’s the first one this year and these are my favourite kinds of posts. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s an all white outfit if you saw my previous post. The obsession is still there and the only reason why this is not going to become an all white blog is that I don’t like limiting myself to one choice only, regardless of how aesthetically pleasing it may look 🙂

So for this outfit I am wearing a white shirtdress with tiny pinstripes. It is slightly too big for me but I have to confess to buying clothes that are not my size if I like them a lot. I always think that a waist belt can solve any fashion misery and it usually does for me. All I have to do is accentuate the waist even if I am wearing a potato sack 😀

The belt (or a body piece if you want to call it that) I am wearing was one of my DIY projects and I am always excited about wearing them outside. The inspiration for this one came from folklore clothing as well as military uniforms which is quite a big inspiration in the way that I dress even though I do try to keep it down.


Shirtdress – Oasis

Shoes – H&M

Watch – M&S

Bracelet and Belt – handmade


Photography by: lily



White Accessories

White accessories have been my current obsession for the past few days. I guess the love for it came back when I finally got a watch battery for my white M&S watch that I got years ago. You can see that watch pretty much in every OOTD picture on my blog. It is currently the only watch that’s working even though I’ve got at least another one however I have tried hard to undo the little screws at the back but one of them is stuck so I simply can’t.

Anyway, I think what I like about white accessories is that they go with everything and it’s got this clean aesthetics to it.

I usually have my nails painted in white also. Waaaay back in the day (when I was in secondary school or so) white nail polish wasn’t even considered a colour and girls would only paint the tips for the then-chic French manicure but luckily those days are long gone. I have to admit that I kind of stole the idea from my gay guy colleagues at the time, it looked fabulous on them.

It often happens to me that I think up something I’d like to buy but it isn’t exactly easily available (unless I’m up for dealing with eBay sellers from China (p.s. I never personally bought anything from eBay from China but I am not slating it as I know people who are happy customers)) therefore the items I’ve suggested in this post are for inspiration purposes only.

Clutch – Boohoo

Tights – ASOS

Bangle- Kate Spade

Watch – Diesel

Nail Polish – Barry M

Belt – ASOS


What I got in 16/17 winter sales so far

I remember how excited I was about the upcoming sales a few months back.. It’s been a while now and I’m still not broke because of it which is both a good thing but also an indication that I haven’t had that much fun with it this time.

I did get some stuff, mainly from ASOS and Zara, but I still feel like I could have done more. ASOS has been my long term addiction even if browsing through its thousands of items takes hours. Because there’s always that feeling of missing out on something amazing if you don’t!

Zara’s sales are great in the way how quickly the prices go down so in the third or fourth week of it you can find loads of stuff for £7.99 or even £5.99 which is pretty cool.

I’m only putting online pictures here at the moment but you will definitely see these items in my outfits of the day fairly soon because they’re the freshest things I’ve got and I’m really excited about them. I got a few more things but I’m undecided if I am going to keep them so I’m leaving them out for now.

So here’s the stuff that I got so far:



top row:

ASOS navy v-neck t-shirt dress, Monki straw hat, ASOS striped smock dress and Bershka necklace

bottom row:

Zara mesh dress, ASOS navy ruffle sweater and ASOS navy ruffle sweater dress


As you can see I am currently into navy blue clothes and sweatshirts with ruffles and loose clothes that I can wear just like that or with a waist belt.