Christmas Party Outfit Countdown #6

Only a couple more outfits to go now and I can say that it’s been hard waiting to post them as the last two coming up are my favourites.

As I’ve mentioned before, I picked a variety of outfits for the countdown and for this one I’ve chosen a shiny black top with black high waisted trousers. It might be a bit unusual to go for a top with trousers for a party but I don’t see why it can’t work if you add some jewellery to it. As you can see I added loads of jewellery which, paired with the top, is a bit of an extravagant look. This might not be something you’d see someone wear everyday but if it’s for a party, I think it’s a nice alternative.

IΒ like shiny look material so when I saw this top in Zara, I thought I could do something with it. I paired it with simple and quite formal high waisted trousers as the top speaks for itself and is something that’s a bit of a challenge to style but I really enjoy styling challenges. I also put on a waist belt to accentuate the silhouette and to give the trousers the paper bag look.


Top – Zara

Trousers – Zara

Shoes – H&M

Jewellery – H&M and Forever 21


Photography by: lily



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