I cannot believe Christmas is next week. I’m not fully done with my Christmas shopping but getting there. Christmas and party outfits are yet another thing to consider for the ladies especially so I have decided to give a helping hand for those in need and give some party outfit inspiration ideas!

Starting today, I will be posting a new party outfit everyday and the last outfit will be posted on the Christmas day. Surely it will already be too late to actually buy a dress on that day but it’s a Christmas countdown so the last outfit will be a treat.

I tried putting together different kinds of outfits, including different dress lengths, jumpsuits, trousers and even a gown depending on different parties you may be attending this year.

I did these outfits in one day so you will see that jewellery and shoes are the same, however I tried wearing different clutch bags to brighten up the outfits.

I personally always have a good fun thinking about what I would wear for a party and I also like making entrances which usually means coming down the stairs to my family who don’t know what I will be wearing 😉 And I always try wearing a different outfit for the Christmas Eve, Christmas, Boxing Day and then the New Year’s Eve. I guess I always loved it when stage divas like Jennifer Lopez made multiple outfit changes in one concert so that’s my real life version 😀

I hope everyone can find a perfect dress for the upcoming parties and have a good time!


Miss Selfridge Silver Plisse Cold Shoulder Dress link here

H&M Black Platform Wedge Shoes

Skinny Dip Red Faux Fur Clutch Bag

H&M Silver Look Chain and Bracelet


Photography by lily





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