OOTD18: All Black

I am getting sick of myself for liking these same kinda dresses. Slightly different lenght, slightly different lace or just slightly different materials and I like them all. And they’re in every store right now.

Winter can be gloomy with its lack of colours unless some designer feels rebellous with their collection so we might then see some orange or magenta in the middle of the winter and the high street brands will get inspired too. Otherwise it’s the same black and grey and navy.

I am wearing all black again with a tiny hint of red on my earrings. I like this dress both loose and belted but I decided to add a waist belt to the outfit because of its suble shine. I feel like this outfit has a bit of a “WWII fashion meets grunge” feel to it.


Zara Black Lace Dress (link and picture below)

ASOS Black Crop Top

Urban Outfitters Black Leather Look Leggings

H&M Black Platform Boots

Mango Gold and Red Earrings

Unknown Black Shiny Look Belt

M&S White Watch

Zara Black Lace Dress

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