OOTD15: Polka Dots and Mesh

I’ve got an all black outfit today. I usually try not to wear all black but when I do, I at least put different textures and fabrics together so in here I’ve got a sheer fabric with polka dots, leather look leggings and fake leather boots and a backpack. Many people think that wearing black makes you look instantly very stylish however the way I see it, it’s the safe way of dressing up as it’s way more difficult to style colours and prints. I am occasionally guilty of this myself though and as a lover of colours and prints I do own way too many black clothes. Must be something to do with how aesthetically appealing black clothes can look, I guess.

My most recent trip to clothing stores gave me the idea of the main trends currently there so one of them is definitely sheer dresses and sheer materials in general used as details or solely as pieces of clothing. I have to say I’ve always liked it so I’ve got a choice of it now even though seeing it in every store gets kind of boring.

I think I like sheers because I can layer things up underneath or over it creating different shapes. In this outfit I am even using a swimsuit because I like the extra lines it’s adding to the outfit. I sometimes wear something not according to its intended purpose as a fashion accessory because why not if I feel like it is adding something to the whole look? 😀

Oh and by the way, I learned a new fashion related word to better describe the polka dots on the dress:




  1. :  a fine lightweight dress fabric of cotton, wool, or rayon that is woven with raised dots or figures on a plain background producing a feathery or embroidered effect



Bershka Black Polka Dot Mesh Midi Dress link here

ASOS Black Crop Top

Motel Black Cut-Out Swimsuit link here

Urban Oufitters Black Leather Look Leggings

Bershka Black Lace Up Platform Boots link here

Stradivarius Black Backpack link here

Unknown Black Thin Belt

Photography by lily


And the last thing to mention (the fine print equivalent) is that looking at the background of these pics gave me a bit of a headache so I hope the same won’t happen to you. You have been warned.


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