Notting Hill Carnival

As you may know, Notting Hill Carnival is almost here. We’re experiencing a bit of a heatwave here in London so hopefully the weather is good and everyone can wear all the crop tops, shorts and other minimal items of clothing that they like.

Below are some suggestions of what to wear to embrace this colourful event and why not do it with sequins, neon, prints and a splash of colour? Enjoy.

Notting Hill Carnival Edit2

I’ve numbered items this time, description is as it appears online:

1 Topshop Iridescent Mesh Dino Dress by Kuccia

2 Topshop Crochet Jumper Dress by Glamorous

3 Topshop Palm Print Bandeau Top

4 Topshop Palm Print Jacquard A-Line Skirt

5 Topshop Iridescent Mesh Dino Tee by Kuccia

6 American Apparel Shiny Tricot Leggings

7 Topshop Smiley Colour Change Crop Tee by And Finally

8 Topshop Petite Airtex Crop Tee

9 Topshop Kimmy Skirt by Motel

10 Topshop Neon Sequin Stripe Mini Skirt by Jaded London

11 Topshop Cactus Print Shorts by Jaded London

12 American Apparel Woven Jelly Sandal

13 Topshop Denim Shorts with Sequins by Kuccia


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