I’ve got another one from my faux fur waistcoat styling series. This time I’m styling it with a shirtdress.

That’s something that just kind of randomly came to my head a good few years back when I saw some navy blue shirtdress on Topshop website. I liked the colour of it and I also liked that it had this masculine utility look to it and I definitely saw the potential.

I could just wear it on its own slightly oversized and loose, making me feel like a character from a science fiction book or some sort of scientist doing some very important things. It feels like a uniform also and I certainly like uniforms.

I could also wear it my preferred way – with a waistcoat and a thin belt. I like the combination so much that I’m always risking buying the same things over and over again, only changing the colour and print of a shirtdress. Talking about the print, I do have an eternal love for prints and below is a very beautiful example of it I got a long time ago from ASOS. It’s that kind of piece that I get complimented on a lot, mainly from sales assistants when I am not necessarily even buying anything there. Still haven’t quite figured out if it’s a failed attempt to sell or a genuine appreciation 😀

I find the print of this shirtdress particularly nice, it reminds me of some old architecture (the item’s name suggests baroque) when people actually took their time making things decorative and spectacular. I guess you could say it also creates an illusion of looking expensive.

I keep this look monochrome apart from a bit of colour from the accessories.


Debenhams Faux Fur Waistcoat, ASOS Baroque Print Shirt Dress, Black Tights, ASOS Shiny Look Shoes, Black Skinny Belt, Ice Watch in Lime Green and Handmade Bracelets from Guadeloupe

Photography by https://theadultstrugglesoflilyschneider.wordpress.com/


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