Olympic Games and Fashion

So it’s the exciting time that only comes every four years – The Summer Olympic Games. You don’t really need to be a huge sports fan to find yourself attached to the screen and appreciate the strength, the grace and the flair of the athletes.

Shiny leotards, rhinestones, glitter and gold might be a little too tacky for your everyday wear but it’s an inevitable part of the enthralling gymnastics performances. It’s like their uniform – recognisable, practical and unrestrictive.

Sportswear has found its way into fashion, it’s become socially acceptable to use it outside of the gym and so the possibilities of mixing it up with other styles have become rather exciting.

My inspiration for this post mainly comes from watching men and women’s gymnastics but you can also see general athletes’ clothing as well as sports fans’ influence. I think these pieces have a good potential of being styled in many different ways without looking like you forgot to change after exercising. I was hoping to mix up my finds from several high street brands but then realised it would take me forever to look through so much stuff so after spending a few hours checking out their stuff, it happened to be Mango only. I’ll try a bit better next time.


Top row left to right:

Mango Striped Fitted Dress in black 73053546

Mango Metallic Body in gold 73073645

Mango Contrasting Backpack in grey 73025583

Mango Cotton linen-blend top in off white 73035540

(The uneven) middle row left to right:

Mango Contrast Trim Sweatshirt in black 73043644

Mango Drawstring Baggy Trousers in dark navy 73033027

Mango Contrast Trim T-Shirt in black 71003668

Mango Ribbed Bodysuit in off white 73070304

(Also uneven) bottom row left to right:

Mango Denim Soft Shorts in medium blue 71090169

Mango Satin Bomber Jacket in emerald green 73053634

Mango Pinstripe Leggings in dark navy 73043019

Mango Metallic Leggings in charcoal 71080010

(The very) bottom left corner:

Mango Contrasting Bracelet in orange 73060082


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